VHF and UHF Nets

Jamestown Mountain Repeater Association Net

9:00 pm on the N3CSE Repeater, 146.805 Mhz Offset –.600 PL = 82.5 Hz – – Alternate: K3YTL Repeater, Freq. 145.450 Mhz Offset -.600, PL = 82.5 Hz

Northeast PA DMR Check-In

8:00 pm. PA Statewide Talkgroup 3142 (Primary) or TAC311 (Alternate)

Luzerne County ARES Net

8:00 pm on the N3FCK Repeater, 146.460 Mhz Offset -1.0 PL =100.0 Hz

EPA District 3 Digital Net

Tuesday at 2115L or 9:15PM   N3FCK Repeater 146.460 (100Hz +1Mhz Split)
Initial Mode – Thor22      Fldigi Required due to mode usage


1pm EST on DMR talkgroup 31424 (hotspot) – OR – on “Local 2” (TG2 TS2) on repeaters in north and east PA that are carrying “Local 2”


Susquehanna County Amateur Radio Club Net

7:00 pm on the N3KZ Repeater, 145.430 Mhz Offset -.600, PL = 77.0 Hz – – Alternate: N3KZ Repeater, 147.375 Mhz +.600, PL = 77.0 Hz
Club Call: N3SRC


SATERN  Eastern Territory Net

This net meets WEEKLY on THURSDAY mornings on 3918 KHz.   You do not have to be a member of the Salvation Army to check in – all Amateur Radio Operators are welcome.


Wayne – Pike ARES Net

Weekly on Thursday evenings at 8pm on the 145.490 -0.600 with a PL code of 82.5 MHz Tafton Repeater – Alternate frequency is the Elk Mtn repeater on 146.430 (-.600 MHz input, PL = 77.0 Hz).

This is primarily a training net in message handling and emergency communications techniques & procedures. You do not have to be an ARES member to check-in.   All amateur radio operators are welcome.


Murgas Amateur Radio Club Net

9:00 PM, every Thursday on 145.450 MHz (-.600, PL = 82.5 Hz) – Alternate Freq. 146.610 MHz (-.600, PL = 82.5 Hz)
Club Call: K3YTL

Wayne County Amateur Radio Club Friday Evening Net

8:00 pm on the K1NRA Repeater 146.790 Mhz Offset -.600 PL 94.8 Alternate : N3KZ Repeater, 145.430 Mhz Offset -.600, PL = 77.0 Hz
Club Call: W3ARO

No Nets

3.583mHz (Center 1500) at 8:00AM Eastern Sunday Morning
Early Check-ins start at 7:30AM Eastern
Net Manager: K3EUI@aol.com
Initial Mode: Thor 22
Traffic Mode: MFSK32
Additional Modes for Experimentation following the net
Current Versions:
Fldigi 4.1.09 <—
Flmsg 4.0.14
Flamp 2.2.05
Monroe County ARES Net

8:30 pm on the N3SEI Camelback Mountain Repeater 146.865 Mhz Offset -.600 PL = 100.0 Hz
Club Call N3SEI


W3WAN Wide Area Net

9:00 pm on the W3WAN Repeater 145.230 Mhz Offset -.600 PL = 77.0 Hz


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