Weekly Nets

Jamestown Mountain Repeater Association Net

9:00 pm on the N3CSE Repeater, 146.805 Mhz Offset –.600 PL = 82.5 Hz – – Alternate: K3YTL Repeater, Freq. 145.450 Mhz Offset -.600, PL = 82.5 Hz

Northeast PA DMR Check-In

8:00 pm. PA Statewide Talkgroup 3142 (Primary) or TAC311 (Alternate)

Luzerne County ARES Net

8:00 pm on the N3FCK Repeater, 146.460 Mhz Offset -1.0 PL =100.0 Hz

EPA District 3 Digital Net

Tuesday at 2115L or 9:15PM   N3FCK Repeater 146.460 (100Hz +1Mhz Split)
Initial Mode – Thor22      Fldigi Required due to mode usage


1pm EST on DMR talkgroup 31424 (hotspot) – OR – on “Local 2” (TG2 TS2) on repeaters in north and east PA that are carrying “Local 2”

Maine Potato Net (3958 KHZ)

The Maine Potato Net has a new Net Control Station on Wednesdays.

WCARC’s own K0PBPocono Bob”  has graciously volunteered to take on NCS duties on Wednesdays.

Listen for The Maine Potato Net daily on 3958 Khz  at 6:30 PM EDT (18:30 EDT, 22:30 UTC)

Occasionally QRM and/or someone else using 3958 KHZ may force the net to move up or down several KHZ to find a sweet spot; so, if you don’t hear the net on 3958 KHZ, try tuning around to find it.


Susquehanna County Amateur Radio Club Net

7:00 pm on the N3KZ Repeater, 145.430 Mhz Offset -.600, PL = 77.0 Hz – – Alternate: N3KZ Repeater, 147.375 Mhz +.600, PL = 77.0 Hz
Club Call: N3SRC


SATERN  Eastern Territory Net

This net meets WEEKLY on THURSDAY mornings on 3918 KHz.   You do not have to be a member of the Salvation Army to check in – all Amateur Radio Operators are welcome.


Wayne – Pike ARES Net

Weekly on Thursday evenings at 8pm on the 145.490 -0.600 with a PL code of 82.5 MHz Tafton Repeater – Alternate frequency is the Elk Mtn repeater on 146.430 (-.600 MHz input, PL = 77.0 Hz).

This is primarily a training net in message handling and emergency communications techniques & procedures. You do not have to be an ARES member to check-in.   All amateur radio operators are welcome.


Murgas Amateur Radio Club Net

9:00 PM, every Thursday on 145.450 MHz (-.600, PL = 82.5 Hz) – Alternate Freq. 146.610 MHz (-.600, PL = 82.5 Hz)
Club Call: K3YTL

Wayne County Amateur Radio Club Friday Evening Net

8:00 pm on the K1NRA Repeater 146.790 Mhz Offset -.600 PL 94.8 Alternate : N3KZ Repeater, 145.430 Mhz Offset -.600, PL = 77.0 Hz
Club Call: W3ARO

No Nets

3.583mHz (Center 1500) at 8:00AM Eastern Sunday Morning
Early Check-ins start at 7:30AM Eastern
Net Manager: K3EUI@aol.com
Initial Mode: Thor 22
Traffic Mode: MFSK32
Additional Modes for Experimentation following the net
Current Versions:
Fldigi 4.1.09 <—
Flmsg 4.0.14
Flamp 2.2.05
Monroe County ARES Net

8:30 pm on the N3SEI Camelback Mountain Repeater 146.865 Mhz Offset -.600 PL = 100.0 Hz
Club Call N3SEI


W3WAN Wide Area Net

9:00 pm on the W3WAN Repeater 145.230 Mhz Offset -.600 PL = 77.0 Hz


District 3 Digital Bulletin

The District 3 Digital Bulletin by Walt, WN3LIF is sent on Sunday Evenings at 9:00PM on the K3YTL Repeater, 145.450Mhz .

You must have Fldigi and Flamp running at the start of the transmission.

Fldigi initial mode is THOR22.   Have RxID and TxID enabled to receive mode changes required for various transmissions.

Digital training messages follow the District 3 Digital Bulletin.   You must also have Flmsg running to receive these messages.

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