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From: Ron Lumachi W2CQM

I am offering a vintage, fully functional combination 1000w B&W dummy load wattmeter model 334A. Manufactured by the Waters Co and factory rebranded with the B&W logo. Frequency range 2-230mHz. Reads power out in four scales on a 3″ meter: 0-10W; 0-100W;0-300W;0-1000W. Other than some minor surface scratches, paint is all original. The coolant is sealed in an internal steel container and includes an overheating warning light. $175

For the serious contestor or DX’er, I’m offering a mint, dedicated 6 meter Ameritron AL1200 amplifier retrofitted with an Eimac 8877. Key down output is 2000W+ with 50w of drive. 3600 or 4000VDC plate voltage selectable. Operates on 220VAC only. Truly a no nonsense one call one contact amplifier. $1900.

Fully functional Drake T4X transmitter with AC3 power supply (fully rebuilt). New set of RCA finals. 100W output. The copper chassis has some typical oxidation but does not effect performance. Complete with professionally reprinted 43 page spiral bound manual. Cabinet has no bangs, dents, or dings. $200

For more information, please contact Ron Lumachi, Email: W2CQM@juno.com


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