Wayne County Amateur Radio Club Net Preamble

Good Evening, Calling the Wayne County Amateur Radio Club Net, Calling the Wayne County Amateur Radio Club Net, this is: (Your Name) my Call is:_____________, I am Located in: __________,Pennsylvania,___________ County and I will be your Net Control for this session of the Wayne County Amateur Radio Club Net, Club Call: W3ARO.

This net meets every Friday evening at 8:00 PM local time here on the Wayne Link System.
System repeater details and access can be found on our Club website W3ARO.org .
We thank the Wayne county commissioners for this repeater system.

In case of repeater failure, all amateur radio operators are instructed to move to the K3TSA Repeater 145.490, – 600 KHz, with a PL of 82.5 Hz. and await instructions from net control.

In the event of equipment failure or emergency, may I have a volunteer as an alternate Net Control operator for this evening’s session? I ask that you call Net Control now.

All Licensed Amateur Radio Operators are invited to check into this net. This is a directed net. Please give me your Call Sign, Name and Location when checking in. At the conclusion of each check-in cycle, I will address each station and you may make any announcements or comments that you have at that time. If you wish to make additional comments during the net, you can do so by saying: “CONTACT with your call sign” and wait for Net Control.

I will be conducting a Swap & Shop and you may sell, trade, donate or look for any Amateur Radio related items at that time.

I will now take check-ins from Mobile or Short Time Stations, please call Net Control now.

Any Fixed Stations please call Net Control now.

Net Control: (Any time between cycles)
(List of Weekly Nets which can be found on the club website W3ARO.ORG,
Important Events/Contests, Announcements)

The Club’s Net Coordinator is: Ken, his call is: WB2HJQ, any Comments or Questions pertaining to the Nets should be emailed to him directly at: wb2hjq@arrl.net. I would like to also mention that you don’t have to be a Member of the Wayne County Amateur Radio Club to act as Net Control for one of our sessions.

At this time are there any stations with information for the good of Amateur Radio, please call Net Control now.

Are there any other late check-ins at this time, please call Net Control now.

I will now open the Swap & Shop session, are there any stations with Amateur Radio related items for the Swap & Shop, please call Net Control now.

If you have anything that you would like to be listed on the clubs Swap N Shop page please send an email to “webmaster@w3aro.org” with all the details about your items.

Is there a volunteer at this time to take Net Control for next Friday night’s session? Please call Net Control now.

This concludes this session of the W3ARO, Wayne County Amateur Radio Club Net. I would like to thank all Amateur Radio Operators that checked into the net this evening and most sincerely, Tom, W2TAO, for the use of the repeater.

I will now return the repeater back to Normal General Amateur use.
This is: __, Net Control clear at: _____PM (Your local time), 73’s and
have a Good Evening.